RedM Feature Update: Ranching Job

Core work completed: The vast majority of our custom ranching experience has been created and tested. At this point further we’ll be adding bells and whistles on top of the groundwork we have laid out here. So far we are around 3,500 lines of code into it, all highly optimized never exceeding 0.01ms at worst. […]

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RedM Feature Update: Ranching Interactions Preview

Basic interactions have been added to the withdrawn animals and their associated synced data is being handled. This means any player within the scope of the ranch and its animals can interact without having to do anything themselves to get the data loaded client-side. Next up will be logic to load your animals up for […]

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RedM Feature Update: Game Music

Exploring through a lot of the game files we have been able to categorize lots of the original sound sets from the main game. One example is the respawn score used in the base game. The sky cam still needs some work to reproduce the effects of the original but it is a placeholder for […]

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RedM Feature Update: Ranching Delivery

Delivery after purchase: Once you drive your wagon with your purchased animal back, you get a nice little welcoming cutscene. The delivery data is attached to the vehicle so anyone can steal this and take it for their own, or if you crash (we aim to prevent those), the data is still on that entity, […]

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Rules Subsection: Gangs

Rules are subject to change over time and without notice. YOU MUST OBEY ALL RULES. If one gang is not following the rules, do not drop down to their level. If we see both gangs breaking rules, both will be punished.  Last Edit: Oct 12, 2020 To create a gang you must be C2. All […]

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Rules and ToS

NEW GTA RULE #10.1– We now have a server-wide radio system that you can use to communicate with your friends. The use of discord to communicate in-character information will be considered metagaming going forward. Last Edit: Oct 12, 2020 UNDERWORLD COMMUNITY RULES Read all of the rules carefully. Claiming ignorance of these rules is not […]

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