To open your inventory in-game, press the F2 key. You will be greeted by the following interface:

Our inventory contains many different convenience features built right into it, which I will outline below in the form of instructions:

Consumable Items:
Many items such as food and drink, medical items, armor items, and more can be used/consumed by right-clicking them.

Filtering Items:
Your numpad keys will filter items in your inventory by category, with the last filter showing the weight of your various items.

The different filters are:

NumPad 0 – Show All Items
NumPad 1 – Show Weapons Only
NumPad 2 – Show Weapon Attachments Only
NumPad 3 – Show Medical Items Only
NumPad 4 – Show Equipment Items Only (armor, radio, repair kits, etc.)
NumPad 5 – Show Drugs Only
NumPad 6 – Show Loot Items Only (gold, jewelry, diamonds, etc.)
NumPad 7 – Show Vehicle Mod Items Only (illegal modificatons)
NumPad 8 – Show Mission Items Only (keycards, hacking laptops, etc.)
NumPad 9 – Show Item Weight (utility for managing weight)

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