Rules are subject to change over time and without notice. YOU MUST OBEY ALL RULES. If one gang is not following the rules, do not drop down to their level. If we see both gangs breaking rules, both will be punished. 

Last Edit: Oct 12, 2020

  • To create a gang you must be C2.
  • All gang members and prospects must be registered civilians.
  • All gang members must be registered as such with appropriate Discord roles. Gang leaders are expected to keep track of roles and notify and staff of any adjustments that need to be made. Keep track of how many people are in a scenario.
  • RP initiation is 100% required before any type of action is taken. These procedures are standard across the board.
  • No more than 6 people involved in one situation at once for illegal activities (excludes wars/conflict).
  • Do not use any carry commands (/carry) to gain seats in your car, get a car with more room. This is a standard rule for all players as well.
  • Gang shootouts should only take place as a last resort in frequently populated public places. Private places are ideal, but as RP and community rules may permit, are not required.
  • Do NOT request backup if you get pulled over for simple traffic stops. Cops want to have a realistic and enjoyable experience like everyone else. Use your imagination to create different RP scenarios that aren’t always “shoot to kill.” Such as having a bait car used in the transports of illegal items.
  • No KOS is allowed unless a previous gang-related occurrence has taken place and agreed between gang leaders.
  • No character breaking or saltiness in OOC, if there’s something you have a problem with, create a ticket. No exceptions.
  • If you die in any gang-related activity, you cannot return to the situation for 30 minutes after you have been released from the hospital. You MUST not “ghost” lead your fellow gang members either. When you die, all communication is lost in RP. Any tips or information regarding the situation will be fail-rp/metagaming.
  • Know when you lose and accept it, sometimes the best RP comes from this.
  • Gang members must wear gang colors when roleplaying as a gang member and doing gang activities. You must wear visible gang colors like a shirt, jacket, etc (gang leaders must define these parameters). YOU CAN NOT JOIN A FIGHT IF YOU ARE NOT IN GANG COLORS
  • Attacking another player because they simply have the same shirt/outfit or vehicle colors is not permitted. You can not “own” the color red/blue/etc. Use common sense with this one.
  • You cannot “camp” a dead body. Leave or dump the body.
  • Gangs can not use VPN/Twitter/Discord to start a war or fight. 
  • If you go to a drug location and see someone there, you have to physically initiate upon them. In general, initiation through VPN is not permitted. RP it out.
  • Gang members are responsible for any members of their gang. If they get in trouble for rule-breaking or a sanction is made, it’s on the gang as a whole. LEAD AND ADMINISTRATE WITHIN YOUR GANG. The gang leader will be added to any ticket and discussion with staff members as necessary.
  • If you notice a gang member doing something against gang rules, you will be expected to report these actions.
  • All gang vs gang issues should be ironed out within RP via a meeting or in-game communications (try not to use public avenues).
  • Any gang member meta-gaming, talking in comms while dead, using a car/item that is banned from fighting will be subject to removal/banning of further gang involvement.
  • You can not third party a scene. Gang vs Gang or Gang Vs LEO. Helping one gang that you DON’T have an allegiance to will result in a punishment.
  • When dealing with cops, all initiation rules still apply.
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