Core work completed:

The vast majority of our custom ranching experience has been created and tested. At this point further we’ll be adding bells and whistles on top of the groundwork we have laid out here. So far we are around 3,500 lines of code into it, all highly optimized never exceeding 0.01ms at worst.

What’s been implemented so far:

  • Delivery wagons are public and can be stolen to be delivered anywhere
  • Core logic only handled within range of the ranch (0.00ms otherwise)
  • Automated host swapping for client-handled entity functions if the original host is lost
  • DB intervals for aging and hunger modifiers based on if they are withdrawn or not
  • Multi-tiered steps for animal ages which dictate breedability and sell cost
  • Automatic chance breeding of animals pulled from their stables
  • Death tracking of animals on all clients and partially server-side checking
  • Anyone can approach animals and prompt them to lead or feed with UI showing stats all using natives
  • Polyzones for checking whether animals are home or not for their return
  • Clean animations with no jerks or assuming they’re completed by time-based delays
  • Completely scalable by just editing configurations to add as many ranches as we want
  • Error handling and multiple fallback in events data is mismatched or corrupted
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