Unique, Advanced, and Constantly Updated

Underworld Roleplay was created to provide unique experiences among RP servers, and we strive to be the first server you think about when you open your FiveM client.

We are a serious roleplay server and this is enforced by active administration.

We are driven by community feedback and ideas, and our development team is constantly engaged with the community to determine the best path forward for everyone. Finally, a server where you can participate in the discussions about the server’s direction and see meaningful results in the form of updates.

Our server is DDOS protected with 99.99% uptime guaranteed and equipped with a custom anti-cheat that will automatically detect and notify staff of cheaters.

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We offer many different and unique features for serious role-players:

Custom Framework:

Our main framework for handling money, items, weapons, vehicles, AI, the prison, the hospital, player housing and more is 100% custom and highly optimized for OneSync and high player counts. We have built ESX support into our framework and are slowly phasing it out.


A City That Feels Alive:

We know how it is to enter a server and see the streets mostly be a ghost town, even when populated with players. At Underworld, our custom framework manages the AI traffic automatically so you can expect a city full of dense AI traffic on the streets and on the highway with large amounts of NPCs walking the sidewalks all over the city. You can even sell drugs to those on-foot NPCs. Our city is thriving with AI activity everywhere you look.


Advanced Inventory:

Our inventory system is among the most advanced in the FiveM ecosystem:

  • Drop any combination and quantity of items as a single package with ease for anyone to pick up.
  • Drag & drop to modify weapons, and strip weapons of attachments with the click of a button.
  • Search and confiscate all contraband items from suspects with a single button while playing as police.
  • Right-click to use any item that’s consumable.
  • Item filter hotkeys so you only see the types of items you want to see.
  • Custom medical items with custom effects and quick-use hotkeys for using them in the heat of the moment.
  • Strict carry limits on specific powerful items
  • Weight capacity system that will slow you down or bring you to a halt if you’re carrying too much.


Simulation Driving & Vehicle Performance:

All of our add-on vehicles perform in-game as they do in real life. That means real 0-60s, real quarter mile times and speeds, and real top speeds, on every single car. We also have an in-game benchmark tool for measuring these stats on any vehicle to prove our claim. You can also browse all the cars we have in the server in our special custom showroom. We have more than 500 real world add-on cars that will be released in limited quantities over time.


Custom Vehicle Performance Upgrades & Tuning (In Development):

Forget the vanilla car upgrades, we’ve completely overhauled how cars receive power and handling modifications and how those make each car behave. No more buying full upgrades just to gain +10mph top speed. These upgrades will improve your acceleration, top speed, braking, cornering, etc. Car progression just got changed in a big way. There are both legal and illegal mods.

But that’s not all, we’re also targeting simulation handling tuning of your suspension, anti-roll bar, and other components with the ability to save up to 100 tuning profiles for racing on different tracks.


Player Owned Housing:

Not only can you buy one of 400+ homes on the map, all with realistic pricing, but you will be able to create any type of co-habitation situation you want with other players using our home permissions system. Other players can even ring the doorbell to request entry to your home. Host a house party when you finally obtain one!


Co-op Activities:

Our activities both legal and illegal are designed to be played by groups of players using our Squad System. With this system up to 4 players can group up and take on some tasks together, with special mechanics that affect the whole group, with everyone getting paid, and potential bonuses involved for completing tasks quickly. Some of our activities with unique mechanics include:

  • Diving (Legal)
  • Electrician (Legal)
  • Mining (Legal)
  • Woodcutting (Legal)
  • Bank Heists (Illegal)
  • Drug Sales to NPCs (Illegal)
  • Home Robberies (Illegal)
  • And More…


Player Police + AI Police Systems:

We’ve completely integrated the AI police into our player police systems and many activities with special mechanics surrounding them. You can create special Police Zones that will help you do your job, call for backup from your fellow officers AND the AI police, and much more.

Criminals, the AI police are attached to many different illegal activities and if you gain a high enough wanted level, your wanted status will persist through log ins until you’re captured. We even have auto-sentencing to jail when no player police are online and you get dropped by the AI cops.

Underworld Blog & Development News

RedM Feature Update: Ranching Job

Core work completed: The vast majority of our custom ranching experience has been created and tested. At this point further we’ll be adding bells and whistles on top of the groundwork we have laid out here. So far we are around 3,500 lines of code into it, all highly optimized never exceeding 0.01ms at worst. […]

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RedM Feature Update: Ranching Interactions Preview

Basic interactions have been added to the withdrawn animals and their associated synced data is being handled. This means any player within the scope of the ranch and its animals can interact without having to do anything themselves to get the data loaded client-side. Next up will be logic to load your animals up for […]

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RedM Feature Update: Game Music

Exploring through a lot of the game files we have been able to categorize lots of the original sound sets from the main game. One example is the respawn score used in the base game. The sky cam still needs some work to reproduce the effects of the original but it is a placeholder for […]

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