Tiers and Regulations

We appreciate your continued support in our endeavor to expand our servers into new games. Our second game title to host has been selected as DayZ, an open-world zombie survival.

At this time, we are still working out the kinks in our donation program to make sure we follow all rules and regulations put forth by Bohemia Interactive. Until we can devise a plan to bring unique and useful rewards to our patrons, we will simply be accepting donations to support server costs. Our donators during this time will not be forgotten and will be rewarded with a special perk once actual rewards are listed and laid out for new subscribers.

If you are enjoying Underworld DayZ, we ask that you please support us in bringing new and exciting content to our server(s) by supporting us monetarily. It is never expected from our players but is greatly appreciated.


Donations are accepted solely through our official PayPal link listed below for DayZ.



Sourcing mods, assets, and server developers isn't free. We rely on our members to support our ongoing efforts.

Dedicated Hardware

We rely on industry standard server providers to keep our downtime at a minimal, with best in class DDoS protection.