Rules Subsection: Gangs

Rules are subject to change over time and without notice. YOU MUST OBEY ALL RULES. If one gang is not following the rules, do not drop down to their level. If we see both gangs breaking rules, both will be punished.  Last Edit: Oct 12, 2020 To create a gang you must be C2. All […]

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Rules and ToS

NEW GTA RULE #10.1– We now have a server-wide radio system that you can use to communicate with your friends. The use of discord to communicate in-character information will be considered metagaming going forward. Last Edit: Oct 12, 2020 UNDERWORLD COMMUNITY RULES Read all of the rules carefully. Claiming ignorance of these rules is not […]

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Tutorial – Inventory & Weapon Loadout

To open your inventory in-game, press the F2 key. You will be greeted by the following interface: Our inventory contains many different convenience features built right into it, which I will outline below in the form of instructions: Consumable Items: Many items such as food and drink, medical items, armor items, and more can be […]

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